• Driver Displays Roar Performance GDSLM

    ROAR Performance are very pleased to launch our all new Gear Display Shift Light Module (GDSLM). We also offer a wide range of Motec systems that provide great communications to the driver...More >

  • Data Logging Motec ACL

    We can source, supply and fit any of the Motec Data logger products as well as offer our own expertise in analysing the data it provides, either to optimise the car or indeed support the driver to achieve more More >

  • Power Control Award winning technology from OBR

    We have the award winning PCM2 from OBR as well as the range of Motec products which allow you to really control the way power is distributed and drawn by all the increasing number of electronic systems on a race car. More >

  • Engine Control From EFI

    We can offer you the entire range of EFI Engine management solutions from the budget Euro 2 right up the Powerful Euro 8 and 12. We are also delighted to offer the new OBR GDI. More >

  • Sensors Because knowing is everthing

    ROAR Performance are proud to offer a wide selection of high quality linear potentiometers in a variety of sizes body sizes and measurement ranges. Sourcing a full compliment of sensors from around the globe ROAR Performance offer the most competitive range of motorsport and automotive sensors on the market. More >

About Us

ROAR Performance is a young, dynamic company specialising in the provision and integration of high end motorsport electronics, sensors, actuators and wiring looms. Offering a wide and complete range of products and services we pride ourselves on the highest level of support to each and every customer.

A recognised retailer of a comprehensive selection of motorsport hardware ROAR Performance can offer services to install and calibrate a number of different systems. Unlike many other companies ROAR Performance specialise in integrating different brands of electronics together, mixing and matching manufacturers to give you the optimum solution tailored to your budget and preferences. We don't stop there either….We can provide you with fully programmed laptops ready to run your new system, software installed, communications working with display screens and post processing templates finely tuned and ready to use...More >

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