Driver displays

Roar Performance GDSLM

ROAR Performance are very pleased to launch our all new Gear Display Shift Light Module (GDSLM). The integrated dot matrix number display and 8 RGB shift LEDs provide a clear, aesthetically pleasing driver display. PC programmable, the GDSLM can be fully configured to import CANBus channels for RPM, Gear and display brightness. More >

Motec MDD

The Mini Digital Display (MDD) is a small satellite display, compact enough to mount on the steering wheel, but it can also be mounted in a more conventional position. Typical applications for the MDD are as a display for a MoTeC ECU or the ACL or EDL3 data logging systems that do not have a built in display. More>

Motec SDL

The Sport Dash Logger (SDL3) is a standalone, fully configurable display unit that can be upgraded with 16 or 120 MB of logging memory at any time, using a simple password system. More >

Motec CDL

The CDL3 Club Dash is a fully configurable display that can be upgraded to a logger at any time using a simple password system. An input/output (I/O) upgrade is also available to increase the functionality of the device. More >
The CDL3 is also available as part of MoTeC's. More >

Motec ADL

MoTeC’s Advanced Dash Logger (ADL3) is a combined display, fully programmable data logger and powerful control device, all in one lightweight unit. It is a flexible, professional level system that is designed to grow with you as your requirements increase. As standard, the ADL3 comes with 16 MB of data logging, which can be upgraded to 250 MB at any time. More >

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