Gear Display Shift Light Module (GDSLM)

ROAR Performance are very pleased to launch our all new Gear Display Shift Light Module (GDSLM). 

The integrated dot matrix number display and 8 RGB shift LEDs provide a clear, aesthetically pleasing driver display. PC programmable, the GDSLM can be fully configured to import CANBus channels for RPM, Gear and display brightness.In the absence of CAN data the GDSLM’s analogue and digital inputs can be used instead.

The 8 RGB LEDs are colour,RPM and gear dependent programmable providing the user excellent flexibility. The large 5 x 7 dot matrix screen offers a clear and bright gear number capable of displaying a complete ASCII character set. The GDSLM also offers configurable brightness settings for both the dot matrix display and RGB LEDs. Via a CAN or digital input the brightness level can be switched between night and day settings as required.

With the Pro version update the GDSLM becomes capable of generating a configurable range of CAN defined alarm features. Alarm outputs can be set to activate LED operation (solid and flash) along with an ASCII character on the dot matrix display.

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